Stop letting your current capacity limit you from selling more SEO services.

A better approach to scaling your agency starts here.


Grow Your Recurring Revenue

If you’re like most digital agencies, you offer SEO services, but it’s not one of your main pillars of revenue. SEO can feel overwhelming, and you may fear it’s outside your expertise. And, if you have young staff, it may be hard to envision how to scale the offering.

Our agency customers utilize Pathfinder SEO to train their team to consistently deliver high value results. Then, they can confidently scale and sell more SEO services.

Team Up with Pathfinder SEO

  • Onboard customers on day 1. There’s no need for extensive SEO training or numerous courses before you add new clients to your roster. Our streamlined process is simple enough to be followed by junior team members. And our progressive content ensures your team will stay up to date with the latest trends as SEO continues to evolve.

  • Get custom advice from an expert partner. You have an available expert resource to whom you can send questions and concerns that relate directly to YOUR clients. No searching through pages of random blogs to find an answer that may or may not be accurate, and may or may not relate to your client’s specific situation.

  • Grow your recurring SEO services revenue by double-digit percentages. SEO is most effective and best delivered as a monthly service, which also becomes a predictable and stable ongoing revenue source.

  • Deliver more value. These days, customers want an all-in-one package. They want you to do everything, which can feel like too much to take on. Agencies who work with Pathfinder SEO deliver more value to their clients by solving one of their customer’s core problems — growth.


We're Here for You!

Pathfinder SEO Provides Everything You Need to Confidently Offer SEO Services to Your Clients

Scale Your SEO Services with an Efficient, Proven Process

Guided SEO delivers a proven process that doesn’t require everyone on your team to be an SEO expert. Hiring a new employee? No SEO training required. Have them follow our process and they’ll deliver immediate value.

Pathfinder SEO offers a series of steps — each with a specific homework assignment — so that your team can grow your customer’s website traffic in just a few hours a week. Our approach is both practical and tactical.

Pathfinder’s approach includes:

SEO Checklist

Start with our 12-step process, which includes video tutorials and step-by-step instructions.

Ongoing SEO

Ensure your client’s web presence evolves with the search engines. Complete these tasks, and you’ll only need to invest a few hours a month to see results from your SEO efforts.

SEO Checklist

We've Worked with Agencies Just Like You


“Since working with Pathfinder we've been able to take our SEO for our clients and our own website to the next level. They give us the guidance we need so that we know what to do next in order to have the biggest impact. Our monthly meetings are focused and we come away with a month's worth of action items for our clients' sites.”


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A Small Investment Delivers a High Return

There are a lot of tools you could buy if you’re looking to spend money, but that kind of spending is unnecessary. We’ve curated an entire suite of SEO tools that allows you to offer and execute SEO related tasks easily and efficiently — and for one small price.

What’s included in our custom suite of simple, actionable tools?

Keyword Research

Reach the right audience with accurate keyword data, powered by Google. See the tool in action.

Rank Tracking

Measure your clients’ websites rank on Google and beyond. Monitor your progress. Learn more.

White-Labeled Monthly Reports

Client-ready reports delivered to your inbox with the data that matters, via Google Analytics integration. See a sample report.

Business Resources

Sample proposals, email templates, and more. All of the resources to help you seamlessly package, price, and sell SEO services.

Coaching & Resources

Guided SEO means you’re never alone. Your dedicated SEO coach is with you every step of the way as your reliable guide.

Meet with your coach monthly to ensure you are on the right path, and get feedback tailored to specific clients’ unique needs.

Leverage our business resources to scale your SEO offering.


SEO Coaching

All Pathfinder subscriptions include monthly 1:1 sessions with your personal coach.


Contact us via email with questions. We offer best-in-class support.


Sample SEO proposals, email templates, customizable client deliverables, and more.

SEO Field Guide


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We've Worked with Web Professionals Just Like You

Isabel Liu

After using Pathfinder's step-by-step process, I was not only able to work with SEO clients but also see data and results based on what I've done. Pathfinder SEO allowed me to serve my clients better.




1 Website


SEO Coaching (45 mins/month)

Monthly Report

Integration with Google Analytics

SEO Checklist

Monthly Tasks

300 Keyword Queries/Month

300 Tracked Keywords


Up to 10 Websites


SEO Coaching (90 mins/month)

Monthly Report

Integration with Google Analytics

SEO Checklist

Monthly Tasks

10,000 Keyword Queries/Month

10,000 Tracked Keywords

White Labeled Reporting

Pro Plus

Up to 50 websites


SEO Coaching (135 mins/month)

Monthly Report

Integration with Google Analytics

SEO Checklist

Monthly Tasks

30,000 Keyword Queries/Month

30,000 Tracked Keywords

White Labeled Reporting

Looking to fast track your SEO services?

Leverage our team's expertise to jumpstart your client's growth. Our experienced coaches do the work to build a solid SEO foundation for you. Then, you take the reins to deliver ongoing SEO services following our guided approach. We offer two SEO services.

SEO Assessment

Our SEO Assessment identifies your client's current performance in organic search and creates a roadmap for growth. This one-time project is designed to be an on-ramp — it's an accessible first SEO project for clients who aren’t sure where to get started. Learn more.

QuickStart SEO

What if you could skip keyword research, content strategizing, and backlink analysis? What if you could cut your monthly SEO efforts in half? With QuickStart SEO, you can. We’ll build a solid SEO foundation for your clients over a two-month period that includes completing the SEO Checklist. Learn more.


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