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Google My business without reviews

Google My Business without Reviews

Have you hesitated to create a Google My Business because you fear that someone will leave a bad review for your business? Have you wondered if you could have a…

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Can I Call Google My Business?

Well, you used to be able to call Google My Business. They even have the phone number available still, 1-844-491-9665. It will just tell you to visit their online support….

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temporarily closed

What to Do: Google Marked My Business as Temporarily Closed

Here you are, you just found out that your business listing on Google Maps says “Temporarily Closed” and yet your business is actually OPEN? What do you do now? There…

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PO Boxes

Google My Business with a P.O. Box

We are often asked, “Can I use a PO Box for Google My Business”? The short answer is no. Google does not allow remote locations such as P.O. Box on…

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What is Google Screened & Google Guaranteed

In recent years, Google has added a couple of badges to Local Service Ads. These include the Google Screened and Google Guaranteed badges. Having a trusted badge from Google can…

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Individual Service Page Template header

An Individual Service Page Template to Make Your Services Stand Out

Do you want to do your business a massive disservice? If so, throw together a handful of half-baked web pages, dust off your hands, and call it a day. Mission…

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seo evaluation

10 Minute SEO Site Audit for Freelancers & Agencies

When you prepare for a call to pitch SEO services, it's easy to follow into a trap – investing too much time and energy into the evaluation of a prospect's…

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seo checklist for website redesign

SEO Checklist for a Website Redesign

When should I start thinking about SEO for a new site? Will I lose my rankings on Google when I redesign my website? What are 301 redirects? These are just…

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phone call

Answering Client Questions About SEO

I remember it well, my first client call as an SEO account manager. I was new and had been warned that a few of the clients that were now in…

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11 Tips for Optimizing your Google My Business Listing

You may already have a Google My Business (GMB) listing in place, but is it completely optimized? Filling out your Google My Business profile is just the first step. It…

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wordpress themes

How Long Should a Blog Post Be in 2021?

You might have heard the often-cited statistic that the average 1st-page result on Google has over 2,000 words. As a result, many content marketers have focused on “Definitive” and “Ultimate”…

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Services Page Template header

A Website Services Page Template That Drive Sales

A great services page educates and informs your audience about the variety of services your business offers. It describes how your services benefit those who use them and guides people…

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change domains SEO

Domain Changes & SEO — How To Preserve Your Traffic when Changing Domains

As your business evolves, you might want to change your domain name. Such change typically fits into one of the following scenarios: You have a new brand. It's time to…

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Getting Started with Google My Business

What is Google My Business? Google My Business is a free tool that powers Google Maps. In Google My Business, you can create and manage your Google Maps listing. These…

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13 Things to Do After Launching a Website

So you've done it! You have launched the new site you have been working on. What do you do next? Below are some of our top recommendations for things to…

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