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WordPress SEO Tips

SEO can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Use these WordPress SEO tips and get started growing your business.

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SEO Tools for Beginners

SEO Tools for Beginners — What SEO Software Will I Need?

Carefully craft your SEO toolset to ensure you have all the SEO software you need — without data overload or unnecessary expense. We’re sharing the best SEO tools for beginner to advanced marketers.

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Communication Tips to Ensure Happy SEO Clients

Pathfinder SEO shares the five most effective communication strategies for talking with SEO clients. Earn your client's trust and move further together.

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of getting found on Google, Yahoo and Bing. With SEO, you improve your website’s visibility in the free, organic search results. In turn, website traffic increases — as do sales.

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plant growing in money

Is Yoast Premium Worth It?

Simply put, Yoast has become the front-running multifunctional SEO plugin for WordPress users. The premium version provides even more value. Learn why.

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grow your business by offering seo services

Why Offer SEO Services

If you are a web designer or developer, you may be thinking about how you can grow your business this year. Selling more website-related projects is one option. Adding a brand new (and complementary) service — SEO — is another.

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make time for seo

Strategies to Make More Time for SEO

Small business owners already have a lot on their plates. Learn how to make time for SEO while also running your business.

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Is WordPress Good for SEO?

35% of websites on the internet are running on WordPress. Does that mean it’s SEO-friendly? Read and find out why YES is the answer.

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local business keyword research

Keyword Research for Local Businesses

It might be easier than you think to discover which specific keywords will cause your local business to show up in the search results (and therefore drive sales).

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content syndication

What is Content Syndication & How Does it Impact SEO?

What is content syndication? A method of republishing your content on other websites. Here's what you should know about it's impact on SEO.

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wordpress themes

How to Pick SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

Learn how to pick an SEO friendly WordPress theme whether you are redesigning your site or starting from scratch.

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redirect chain

Domain SEO: How to Manage Redirects & Aliases

Curious how operating with more than one domain might impact your SEO? Discover the answer and find out how to properly set up multiple domains.

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google analytics

The 5 Most Useful Google Analytics SEO Dashboards to Grow Traffic

Google Analytics is a powerful marketing tool. Follow along with our guide to the five most useful Google Analytics SEO dashboards—and how to use them effectively to grow relevant traffic to your website.

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Parts to be assembled

How Do The Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins Affect SEO?

WordPress page builders make it easy to quickly build beautiful pages. But, do they affect SEO? Maddy Osman and Pathfinder SEO evaluate.

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How (and Why) to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS for WordPress

Improve the security of your WordPress website and its SEO by making the move from HTTP to HTTPS. Learn how (and why) from Maddy Osman.

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