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Devi Studios Added a Revenue Stream &
Grew Income by 10% With Pathfinder SEO

“Before I started working with Pathfinder SEO, I was offering SEO services to my clients. However, I didn’t have a great system in place or useful resources to rely on, which made those services feel a little bit random and haphazard. I also didn’t feel like I had the ability to scale those services because of a lack of systems. 

With Pathfinder SEO, I’ve been able to create systems and repeatable processes that I can apply to all my new and existing SEO clients. 

The actual tools in Pathfinder SEO are highly useful. I enjoy being able to do keyword research and keyword rank tracking all in one place. I’ve also received a ton of value out of being able to automate certain processes like generating monthly reports. 

The most important and valuable piece of Pathfinder SEO is the coaching. That’s because there is so much data to make sense of when it comes to doing SEO. There are simply too many things I could be doing for clients that it can be hard to identify what I should be doing. That’s where the coaching comes in. 

My coach helps me make sense of the data and identify where I should be focusing my efforts on a monthly basis. With that clarity, I can focus on implementing impactful tactics and use the systems in Pathfinder SEO to both scale my business and bring about positive results for my clients. 

Adding just one new SEO client with the help of Pathfinder SEO allowed me to supplement my revenue by about 10%. It’s great to have this secondary revenue stream, and it still has a ton of potential to grow. 

If you’re considering Pathfinder SEO, I would highly recommend it. The technology is excellent and the people behind it are highly skilled and very professional.“

About Devi Studios

Navin Kulshreshtha is the director of Devi Studios, a web design and digital marketing company located in Orlando, Florida. He helps clients create digital strategies that will grow their business. He is also the creative talent behind Web Guru on Youtube.

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