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Iceberg Web Design Went From 0 to 15 (and Growing)
SEO Clients With Pathfinder SEO

“When it comes to SEO, here at Iceberg we’ve tried a few things over the years. Prior to using Pathfinder SEO, we primarily relied on referring work out or using a white label SEO provider. Both of which come with their own issues. 

In referring SEO work out to others, we limited our potential for revenue growth. In working with a white label SEO partner, we learned that our values and processes didn’t always align with those of our partner. 

Knowing that our customers needed SEO and that we wanted to deliver it as an ongoing service, we went looking for an SEO solution. More specifically, one that we could use as a training tool to build out our in-house SEO service. That’s what we found in Pathfinder SEO. We invested in it, onboarded our first SEO client, and began building out our in-house SEO offering. 

Pathfinder helped our SEO service quickly gain traction and continue to grow. It allows us to provide substance to our clients and effectively guide our time and resources on a monthly basis. It gives us an SEO training tool, keyword research tool, and SEO reporting solution for our clients. 

With Pathfinder, we’ve been able to hire an in-house SEO person and start generating monthly recurring revenue from a growing list of more than 15 SEO clients. It has also helped us diversify our agency offerings and minimize our reliance on cranking out one custom website after another. 

When our customers are happy with the websites we have built for them, they usually want to continue working with us. They also want to know how we can help them get more traffic and customers. Because we want to continue working with our clients, delivering results, and growing revenue on a long-term basis, we rely on Pathfinder SEO.”

About Iceberg Web Design

Shane is the VP of sales and marketing at Iceberg Web Design, an agency in Minneapolis that has been hand-coding websites since 1993. Their team has a passion for creativity and a drive to solve the most complex challenges. They keep their processes straightforward, transparent, and customer-focused.

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