Workshops: Launch & Grow your SEO Services OfferingRegister

We helped Kerry start offering SEO services
that are more lucrative than her care plans.

“I found Pathfinder SEO through WP Elevation to help me service a single client’s SEO needs. What I didn’t know was that Pathfinder SEO would quickly help me increase the size of my redesign projects and offer valuable monthly SEO services to many of my other existing clients. These SEO services have since become more lucrative than my website care plans. Not only has SEO been the perfect addition to my business, but it’s also an easy sell that my clients readily see value in because it produces results.

Pathfinder SEO has helped me take my basic technical understanding of SEO to the next level with its coaching, tools, and the accountability it offers. I can rest assured that I’m doing SEO correctly for clients and providing everything necessary to get them the results they need. Your service is awesome!”

About KMA Web Design

KMA Web Design has nearly twenty years of experience in digital marketing and designing, building, and managing websites of all sizes. KMA Web Design specializes in WordPress and provides excellent customer service while delivering the right solution on time and on budget.

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