Maddie increased project revenue
by 33% with Pathfinder SEO.

“When I started my marketing consulting business I didn’t offer SEO services to my clients; however, it quickly became apparent that the demand for this service was there. Because SEO ties in so well with all the other services we offered at the time, I decided to start offering it!

With a background in digital advertising, SEO was not an area of expertise for me. I wasn’t sure how it worked or how to deliver it as a service to my clients. What I did know is that I would figure it out if clients started taking me up on my new SEO offering.

Sure enough my clients were eager to take advantage and before I knew it I had three ready to sign up!

Before I agreed to provide them with SEO services, I knew I needed to find a solution to help me learn SEO and deliver my service like a pro.

I turned to counterparts and collaborators in my professional network to see if anyone had any guidance. No luck. I even offered to pay other people to teach me how to offer SEO services, but couldn’t find anyone that wasn’t too busy.

Finally, I turned to Google. I can’t remember what I searched, but what I found was Pathfinder SEO. I reached out and the rest is history.

When I started offering SEO to those initial clients, I knew so little. Today, I provide SEO services to all of my clients and have a firm handle on how to deliver SEO services and results! All thanks to my partner Pathfinder SEO.

With Pathfinder SEO in my back pocket, I’ve been able to grow revenue from my website build outs by 33 percent. I’ve also been able to provide SEO as a standalone service resulting in revenue I wouldn’t have seen without Pathfinder.

As a super busy business, Pathfinder SEO helps keep me accountable and ensures that I’m always moving the needle for my clients. In addition, it’s not just their direction about how to do SEO and get results for clients that I find so valuable. Pathfinder’s guidance about how to succeed in the business of SEO so that I can continue to grow my business is equally as valuable or even more so!”

About MP Consulting

MP Consulting is a digital marketing firm dedicated to providing small and local businesses with an affordable option when it comes to outsourcing their digital marketing needs. Working in a variety of industries and locations, MP Consulting provides affordable digital marketing solutions such as website design, social media management, marketing consulting, SEO and more.

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