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Erik Wardell

Erik is an SEO coach that loves breaking down complex SEO topics into understandable instructions anyone can follow. He thrives on helping people do what it takes to see their businesses succeed in search. Stay in touch on Twitter — @wanderinwardell.

A great services page educates and informs your audience about the variety of services your business offers. It describes how your services benefit those who use them and guides people in the direction of services that will be most valuable for them.

In this services page primer you will:

  • Learn what a services page is and why it's important,
  • Find out what goes into a high-quality services page,
  • Get access to a free services page template,
  • Discover how to take action toward a better services page.

Let's dive in.

What is a Services Page?

A services page features the various services or offerings your business provides and helps people learn more about the services that are going to be the most beneficial for them.

It should:

  • Feature a collection of the services you offer
  • Provide the opportunity to learn more about each service in depth
  • Give people confidence your services deliver results

A services page is not an individual service page. Instead of speaking to a single service, it speaks to a collection of services you offer. Your services (plural) page should feature each individual service in brief and link over to the corresponding individual service page.

Framework for a Great Services Page

You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the design and content of your services page. However, it should accomplish the following goals:

  1. Captures attention and conveys benefits with a compelling headline
  2. Explains how your services solve problems and provide great benefits
  3. Highlights your various services and provides an opportunity to learn more about each one
  4. Proves your services deliver results
  5. Gives people an opportunity to connect if they have questions

When you skillfully combine all the right elements to achieve those goals on a single page, the outcome will look something like this:

Services Page Template

Keep reading to learn how to format your services page based on this template.

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Services Page Content Explained

1. Capture Attention & Convey Benefits with a Compelling Headline (h1)

Grab your audience's attention and let them know that they have landed on the page that is going to help them solve their problems. A great headline captures attention and gets people to explore your page, and the individual services featured on it, in greater depth. In a perfect world, it will also include your focus keyword.

A good headline can include:

  • Name of the type of services you offer
  • Mention the benefits your service generates for people
  • Where you offer your service (if providing local services)
  • Page’s focus keyword

2. Explain How your Services Solve Problems and Create Great Outcomes

Once you've captured your audience's attention, introduce your services in the way you want them positioned. And, tell people what kind of value they will get out of using each individual service.

Introductory content should include:

  • Compelling copy introducing people to your services
  • A mention of the benefits your services generate for people
  • Focus and/or secondary keywords

3. Feature the Various Services you Offer

Include a brief overview of each service you offer in a way that enables people to distinguish the differences between them. The differences between what they are, how they work, and what kind of benefits they provide people.

Featured services content should include:

  • Images or icons indicative of each service
  • Name of each service you offer
  • A short explanation of the kind of benefits each service generates
  • Calls to action to learn more about each service

4. Prove Your Services Work

Give people a good reason to believe your services can be trusted and generate the benefits you say they do. Knowing that your services deliver results may compel people to dig deeper and learn more about individual services.

This content might include:

  • Customer logos
  • Testimonials from real customers with headshots & bio information
  • Business success stats
  • Case studies
  • Beautiful examples of past work

5. Give Them a Way to Connect

It's important to let people know that you are there for them if they are having trouble figuring things out. Hopefully, very few people will ever use this element. But should someone need to reach out with questions or concerns, they need to have a way to.

Elements to consider including:

  • Chatbox
  • Contact form
  • Email address, phone number, and other contact methods

Additional Elements to Consider

While including all the elements above is highly recommended, you might want to also consider these additions:

  • Explanation of how your services work in general i.e. your process
  • About/bio information telling people about you and/or your business
  • User-generated content like social images

Additional Tips for a Great Services Page

Your services page can help you introduce people to services they maybe didn't know you offer. Take advantage of that opportunity to cross-sell people on your different offerings.

You also want to make sure you are taking advantage of the opportunity to position your services and your brand using engaging messaging and imagery. Show and tell people what makes your brand better than the competition and why they should consider working with you.

Lastly, your services page provides you with a great opportunity to rank for industry-specific "services" related phrases. Examples of this include "SEO services," "car repair services," "landscaping services," etc. Don't miss the opportunity to rank for these "services" related phrases. All you need to do is properly optimize your page around a "services" specific keyphrase.

What Next? 

Use the template above to build out your services page if you don't already have one.

If you already do have one, use the template to audit your existing page and find out what might be missing, or how you can improve it.

Then, make sure whatever page you do have is properly optimized for the best "services" related keyword possible. And if you need any help with structuring your page or properly optimizing it, Pathfinder SEO can help. Not only can we help you build out a services page that converts visitors into customers, but we can help you with all your other pages too.

Get 12 Free Webpage Content Templates

If you find this template useful, download it and 11 others that will help you skillfully craft the most important pages on your site.

Erik Wardell

Erik is an SEO coach that loves breaking down complex SEO topics into understandable instructions anyone can follow. He thrives on helping people do what it takes to see their businesses succeed in search. Stay in touch on Twitter — @wanderinwardell.
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