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Email Templates for SEO Services

Pre-crafted and pre-tested emails for freelancers and agencies who offer SEO services.

Everyone who has ever had to write an email to their customer wonders if there’s a better way to articulate themselves.


Did they say the right thing? Will their customer get frustrated? How to respond to replies?

Writing an email is easy. Writing the right email, the right way is hard.

Thankfully, if you’re offering SEO services to your customers, we have the resource for you.

Pre-crafted and pre-tested, our bundle of email templates is the only thing you need to get your words right.

Over the past ten years at our own SEO agency, we’ve gone through endless iterations of emails that sell and deliver SEO services until we got exactly the right response.

Now, we’re sharing these emails with you as a bundle of 45+ battle-tested templates that you can implement into your business practices.

Email Templates for SEO Sevices will help you:

  • Save time trying to figure out what to say and when to say it

  • Feel more confident in your SEO service offering

  • Stand out from the competition by communicating about a hard subject (SEO) in simple terms that your clients will understand and value

What's Included

45 email situation-based templates including:


  • Introduce a Current Customer to your New SEO Offering

  • You get an Inquiry

  • Confirming the Discovery Call

  • You Send a Proposal

  • Following up on a Proposal

  • A Prospect Says “This is Too Expensive”

  • A Prospect Wants a Results Guarantee

  • A Prospect Has Been Burned by SEO in the Past

  • A Prospect is Ready to Buy


  • Welcome Aboard

  • Kickoff Call Reminder

  • Kickoff Call Recap

  • You Need Google Analytics Access

  • You Need Website Access

  • You Need a List of Competitors

  • You Send the First Invoice

Reporting & Results

  • Sending the First Monthly Report

  • Sending a Monthly Report with Good News

  • Sending a Monthly Report with Bad News

  • When You Notice Positive Results

  • When You Notice Negative Results


  • A Client Asks to Cancel

  • Option A — No Reason Provided

  • Option B — It’s Too Expensive

  • Option C — Not Seeing Results

  • Option D — Changing Providers

  • A Client Requests a Phone Call

  • A Client Wants a Service

  • You Don't Offer

  • You’re Going on Vacation

  • You Make a Mistake

Making Your Work Visible

  • You’ve Set up Google Analytics

  • Your Keyword Research is Ready for Review

  • You’ve Verified the Website with Google Search Console

  • You’ve Created an XML Sitemap

  • You’ve Added Schema Markup

  • You Have a Content Calendar Ready for Review

  • Your Content is Ready for Review

  • You Need Content from the Client

  • Your Client Consistently Doesn’t Write Content

  • You Have Page Titles and Meta Descriptions Ready for Review

  • You Want to Introduce Link Building

  • You Want to Encourage More Google Maps Reviews

  • You Want to Explain the Importance of Speed for a Slow Website

  • You Want to Confirm the Importance of Speed for a Fast Website

  • You Want to Introduce the Value of Accessibility

An Example of What You Get

Replying to “Do you offer a Results Guarantee?”

Subject: What I Can and Can’t Guarantee

Hi [Name],

My agency doesn’t offer results guarantees tied to specific keywords or traffic volume. Why? Because SEO is dynamic. Because of that, and no matter what others may tell you, guarantees are impossible.

In fact, a guarantee when it comes to specific results is a red flag. Agencies guaranteeing rankings either lack experience or aren’t being honest from the beginning.

That said, we can guarantee:

  • We’ll communicate clearly, frequently, and honestly with you.
  • We’ll deliver a monthly report which reviews current results and outlines the work we’ve done and the next steps we’ll take to grow your traffic.
  • We’ll take action. Each month, we’ll complete a series of tasks designed to steadily grow your traffic.
  • We’ll set goals, measure our performance against them, and evolve our goals over time as your business evolves.

Would you like to schedule a follow-up call to discuss this in more detail?

[Your Name]


Lindsay Halsey

I’m Lindsay Halsey

For the past ten years, I’ve specialized in SEO services for small to large businesses. As the co-owner of an SEO agency, I’ve worked on SEO projects for hundreds of businesses. Along the way, I found that the partner best suited to offer SEO services is you, the web designer/developer.

  • You already know your customer’s business.
  • You already know your customer’s audience.
  • You already know your customer’s website.
  • You already are offering SEO services.

… You just aren't getting paid for them.

Today, I teach freelancers and agencies how to offer SEO services. You’ll solve your customer’s challenge (getting found on Google) while growing your recurring revenue!

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