What if you don't need more customers to make more money?

Maybe all you need is a new revenue stream from your existing customers.


It’s Time to Shift Away from a Transactional Business

As a web designer or developer, you partner with your customers to build beautiful, inviting websites that convert. The trouble is, this type of service is fixed and transactional in nature. As a result, it can be easy to get stuck in a feast or famine cycle of one-time projects.

Couple this with your customers’ experience. They now have a beautiful, inviting website capable of converting visitors. However, if they want to increase their sales and impact their bottom line, having a website isn’t enough. They now need traffic. And how better to drive quality traffic than through Google, Yahoo, and Bing?

Generate Recurring Revenue with SEO

How often do your customers ask you about SEO? If they ask, what do you say?

When collaborating with a customer on a new website, you begin investing in that relationship. But when the website is complete, you let them slip away. The investment you’ve made disappears as soon as your customer goes somewhere else to invest in ongoing SEO.

We get it. SEO can be overwhelming. It’s constantly changing and, as a result, it can feel like a moving target. You’re already busy and you don’t have time to develop new expertise. So how can you offer more, and keep the relationship going?

Teaming up with Pathfinder SEO gives you the ability to offer more value, exceed your clients’ expectations, generate monthly recurring revenue, and build enduring partnerships. This creates long-term value for you and your customers.


Start By Taking The Free SEO Services Course

Invest one hour of your time in learning how you can confidently offer SEO services. In this free course you will learn how to:


Package your SEO services into a variety of SEO offerings that your clients will want. 


Price your SEO services based on the value that you will be providing your clients. 


Confidentially sell your SEO services and the anticipated results of your work. 


Deliver on your pitch using a streamlined process that sets up client's sites for SEO success. 

After You Take the FREE Course

Pathfinder SEO Has Everything You Need to Offer Your Clients SEO as a Service


Guided SEO gives you a proven process without requiring you to become an SEO expert.

We offer a series of lessons — each with specific homework assignments — so that you can grow your customer’s website traffic in just a few hours a week. It’s both practical and tactical.

Learn more about our SEO process.

SEO Checklist

Start with our 12-step process which includes video tutorials and step-by-step directions.

Ongoing SEO

Ensure your web presence evolves with the search engines. Invest a few hours a month into ongoing SEO.


Pathfinder SEO in Action


Before working with Pathfinder I was struggling with the organization of all the different elements of Search Engine Optimization. Pathfinder's portal allows me to keep everything in one place and provides a clean and simple-to-use dashboard to access it all! I love having Pathfinder SEO in my back pocket. Having another expert I can lean on when issues arise or when I have questions is priceless!

My clients count on me to deliver results and I count on Pathfinder SEO to help me do that. I've been serving my client's SEO needs for a while, but Pathfinder SEO and their whole team have really allowed me to grow that portion of my business. In fact, they were instrumental in helping me create the packages and pricing that I use with all of my clients. My coach, Erik, is always extremely helpful and available whenever I need help. I would highly recommend Pathfinder SEO to anyone who is looking to improve their SEO!


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A Small Investment Delivers a High Return

We’ve created the entire suite of SEO tools that you need, all for one small price.

Keyword research, rank tracking, and monthly white-labeled client reports. Simple and actionable tools that allow you to offer SEO services quickly and efficiently.

Plus, all of the resources to get ready to offer a new service — our SEO as a Service series walks you through how to package, price, and sell SEO services.

Keyword Research

Reach the right audience with keyword data powered by Google. See the tool in action.

Rank Tracking

Measure your website's rank on Google and beyond. Monitor your progress. Learn more.

Business Resources

Sample SEO proposals, email templates, and more. All of the resources to package, price, and sell SEO services.

White-Labeled Monthly Reports

Client-ready and delivered to your inbox with the data that matters via integration with Google Analytics. See a sample report..

Coaching & Community

Don’t go it alone. Your dedicated SEO coach comes along as your guide.

Meet with your coach monthly to ensure you are on the right path. Get feedback tailored to your unique business.

Join our community of web professionals who are offering (and succeeding with) SEO as a service.


Coaching Corner

All subscriptions include a monthly 
one-on-one session with your 
personal coach.


Contact us with questions along the way via email. We offer best in class support.


Monthly group calls with like-minded web designers and developers.

SEO Field Guide

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We've Worked with Web Professionals Just Like You

Isabel Liu

After using Pathfinder's step-by-step process, I was not only able to work with SEO clients but also see data and results based on what I've done. Pathfinder SEO allowed me to serve my clients better.




1 Website


SEO Coaching (45 mins/month)

Monthly Report

Integration with Google Analytics

SEO Checklist

Monthly Tasks

300 Keyword Queries/Month

300 Tracked Keywords


Up to 10 Websites


SEO Coaching (90 mins/month)

Monthly Report

Integration with Google Analytics

SEO Checklist

Monthly Tasks

10,000 Keyword Queries/Month

10,000 Tracked Keywords

White Labeled Reporting

Pro Plus

Up to 50 websites


SEO Coaching (135 mins/month)

Monthly Report

Integration with Google Analytics

SEO Checklist

Monthly Tasks

30,000 Keyword Queries/Month

30,000 Tracked Keywords

White Labeled Reporting


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