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Brad Morrison

Brad is the founder of GoWP. Not only does he have over 20 years of web experience, but he lives and breathes GoWP’s mission to create happiness. Brad has been working with WordPress since 2009 and had his own successful agency until starting GoWP in 2014. When he’s not following up with customers and engaging the local WordPress community, he’s spending time with his wife and daughter or watching the Tar Heels, or both.

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Grow Your Agency: Know When to Outsource

December 15, 2020

Brad Morrison from GoWP joined us for a great webinar on building your agency through outsourcing. You can get on-demand access to the webinar, or read the post that follows to learn more. 

Why Should Agencies Outsource?

Most agency owners are in the trenches, doing it all. This creates stress and might even be unsatisfying. As an agency owner himself, Brad's aha moment came when his 2-year-old daughter repeatedly asked, “Are you happy?” He realized his answer was, “Not really,” and discovered the motivation to do things differently.

If you are a freelancer or agency owner who is in the trenches, doing it all today, outsourcing is a potential solution.

Prioritize Your Efforts

The first step to create more happiness in your work(place) is to outline your priorities. 

Where do you want to focus your efforts? For example, you and your team may prioritize those tasks that:

  • You are good at.
  • You enjoy.
  • Are profitable.
  • Can scale.
  • Aren't time-consuming.
Overall, the BIG goal is to create a happier workplace.

 If a current task falls into one of these categories, great! If not, the task should be either eliminated or outsourced. For example, you may decide to focus on high-value work and outsource the low-value work. This allows you to spend your time on the projects you do best. 

How to Identify What to Outsource

To facilitate the process of choosing which activities to outsource, follow this process.

1. First, step back and evaluate how you and your team currently spend your time. Make a list.

2. Look at your list. Are your current tasks helping you reach your goals? Are you spending too much time on certain tasks?

3. Start a spreadsheet that helps you categorize your tasks. Each task should fit into a category. For example, an agency's task categories would usually include acquisition, delivery, retention, and administration. From there, you will also have subcategories. For example, within “acquisition,” there are both sales tasks and marketing tasks.

4. Next, evaluate your tasks based on your priorities. Be honest! Be objective! If one of your goals is to focus only on tasks you enjoy, you may need outside input and critical thinking. It's not always easy to determine what you're best at. Think about your tasks both individually and as a team. Here's an example:

5. Create a new spreadsheet. List your tasks by category and score each task based on your priorities. If you have five priorities, you will have five scoring columns. Total the numbers for each task; the tasks with the lowest scores should be outsourced or eliminated.

How to Find Outsource Partners

Now that you know which tasks need to be outsourced, your next step is finding outsourcing partners.

A great place to start this journey is by asking friends and colleagues. Likely, others have been in the same place before and can provide vetted suggestions.

If you are looking to outsource website maintenance and WordPress development, look no further than the team at GoWP.

Ultimately, your goal is to document – then delegate – those tasks so that you have more time to spend on high-value, high-enjoyment tasks.

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