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Maddy Osman creates engaging content with SEO best practices for marketing thought leaders and agencies that have their hands full with clients and projects. Learn more about her process and experience on her website, and read her latest articles on Twitter: @MaddyOsman.

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content syndication

What is Content Syndication & How Does it Impact SEO?

February 8, 2019

When it comes to content, website owners are often faced one or both of these common problems: Not having enough content for their website Not having enough reach for content to achieve goals While SEO is a great long-term strategy...

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wordpress themes

How to Pick SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

October 9, 2018

Search engine optimization (SEO) really is a broad topic best considered in terms of the various pillars that make it up: On-page SEO, which is concerned with keywords/content. Off-page SEO, which is concerned with backlinks and building authority. Technical structure,...

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redirect chain

Domain SEO: How to Manage Redirects & Aliases

October 1, 2018

Domains are the human-readable Internet addresses of websites. In actuality, information is transferred over the internet through IP addresses (a string of numbers). But number sequences are hard to remember, so domains make it easier to access websites. Domains are...

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google analytics

The 5 Most Useful Google Analytics SEO Dashboards to Grow Traffic

June 20, 2018

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that you can use to gain insights about how visitors interact with your website. Once installed, Google Analytics provides behind-the-scenes details about your site visitors, site visits, session times (and lengths), conversion goals, and...

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Parts to be assembled

How Do The Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins Affect SEO?

May 31, 2018

Regardless of whether you’re a web developer or the client tasked with updating the content on a website, the best WordPress page builders can assist both parties. The best WordPress page builders make it easy to quickly build beautiful pages,...

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How (and Why) to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS for WordPress

March 29, 2018

As early as 2014, Google announced that they would be making HTTPS a ranking signal. Then, in 2016, with an interest in protecting personal information-such as credit card details and passwords-Google announced that they would require websites to have an...

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Cornerstone Content Creation for WordPress Websites

March 4, 2018

Cornerstone content is a term that has been popping up in content marketing and SEO circles a lot recently but the term is not new. Don’t believe me? Copyblogger Brian Clark wrote a post about it 11 years ago! Like...

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small business

6 DIY SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

February 12, 2018

Working with an SEO agency can be expensive and out of reach for the average small business owner. The good news? Even if you don’t consider yourself as an SEO expert (or even a novice!), there are several DIY SEO...

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