Keyword Research

A keyword research tool alone doesn't ensure you find the right audience online.

Instead, you need a tool that pairs with a tried and true process.

keyword research tool

Keyword Research

The goal of SEO is to increase the amount of quality traffic to your website so that you generate more sales, leads, and value. For this to happen, we need to identify the keywords that will trigger your website to show up for the right audience. Keyword research is the foundation of SEO. 

Keyword research can be challenging. Many marketers don’t even know where to start. Some marketers select keywords that are too competitive (they’ll never lead to traffic), while others select keywords in too narrow a space (few people are searching for them). 

At Pathfinder SEO, we’ve met this challenge by creating a simple-to-use Keyword Research Tool, which we’ve combined with a step-by-step keyword research process as well as a dedicated SEO coach to provide you with custom advice for your industry space.

How Our Keyword Research Tool Works

Keyword Research Tool

Enter a keyword from your brainstorm list

Get accurate & fast data, including estimated monthly search volume & competition

Add valuable new keywords to your list

Review keyword suggestions for more ideas

Repeat the process

Discover Great Keywords

  • Estimate monthly search volume.

  • Filter data by country, state, or city to localize your findings.

  • Assess the competition level for each phrase.

  • Save keywords to your list to start rank tracking.

  • The simplest keyword research tool on the market.

We've Worked with People Just Like You


"Before using Pathfinder, SEO was a daunting task—as much as I tried, I just didn’t see results. Working with Pathfinder helped me clarify my goals, create an easy-to-follow path to success, and learn how to most efficiently and effectively use SEO to strengthen my business and reach the right type of client for my practice."


Our SEO Toolset

Our complete SEO toolset delivers a simple yet powerful solution for everyday users who’re able to invest an hour or two weekly to drive their website’s growth. Whether site owners are motivated by pageviews, lead generation, or revenue growth, our SEO software provides a toolset that makes customers’ lives easier.

That toolset includes Keyword Research. Paired with Rank Tracking and Monthly Reporting, it becomes incredibly easy for non-technical non-experts to make dramatic improvements to their websites and see results.

While individual tools can lead to some gains, these tools are best used as part of a comprehensive, strategic SEO process (including an SEO Checklist, Ongoing SEO, and Coaching). These additional, complementary components create assistance and accountability.


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