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Monthly Reporting

Focus on the data that matters. Easily communicate results with your team and customers.

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Monthly SEO Reports

We’ve never heard people say that they find Google Analytics easy, but that’s not Google’s fault. The fact of the matter is that the sheer amount of data (plus the number of options for customizing and filtering) can be overwhelming. And the more data you collect, the harder it can be to discover specific insights. Where exactly should you look? What do you pay the most attention to? If you’re like many of our customers, this is the challenge.

Let’s face it, reporting (in general) is time-consuming. And data isn’t directional. What we mean by that is that data is neutral — it doesn’t point to your next step. And it’s rarely integrated with the other tools you need (like keyword ranking, etc) to help you notice the insights that drive obvious actions.

This is why we’ve created our customized monthly reports.


Monthly reports from Pathfinder SEO make analyzing your results a breeze. Delivered straight to your inbox once a month, our reports are easy to understand, and they also incorporate data from multiple sources so you won’t have to hunt for it.

Focus on the Data that Matters

Our monthly reports include three sections:

Pathfinder SEO Monthly Report


We begin with holistic marketing data to show you how your site traffic is trending, which marketing sources are returning the greatest value, and how your visitors are engaging with your content.

Organic Search

This section hones in on organic search traffic. How does the traffic trend over time? How much growth did you see last month? Is the quality of the traffic high or low? Which pages are performing best in the search engine results?


Improvements in keyword rankings tend to predict future visitor growth. We track the position of your chosen keywords on Google, Google Mobile, Google Maps, and Bing.

Pathfinder Monthly SEO Reports

  • Integrated with Google Analytics

  • Easy to Understand = Actionable

  • White label option for Pro and Pro Plus Subscribers

  • Review 1:1 with your SEO Coach for Additional Insights

Our SEO Toolset

Our complete SEO toolset delivers a simple yet powerful solution for everyday users who’re able to invest an hour or two weekly to drive their website’s growth. Whether site owners are motivated by pageviews, lead generation, or revenue growth, our SEO software provides a toolset that makes customers’ lives easier.

That toolset includes Monthly Reporting. Paired with Keyword Research and Rank Tracking, it becomes incredibly easy for non-technical non-experts to make dramatic improvements to their websites and see results.

While individual tools can lead to some gains, these tools are best used as part of a comprehensive, strategic SEO process (including an SEO Checklist, Ongoing SEO, and Coaching). These additional, complementary components create assistance and accountability.


And there’s never been a better time to sign up.

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