Get Started with SEO Services: The Free Course

Grow your customer’s business while growing your recurring revenue.

If you design and build websites for other businesses, then your customers have likely asked you about SEO. Your customer is looking to grow their business. To do so, they need a great website and quality traffic from the search engines.

You may have tried to help your customers with SEO in the past, only to hit common roadblocks.

  • You offered SEO services only to discover you don’t have the time to develop another expertise.

  • You installed a plugin like Yoast SEO and turned SEO over to your client only to discover your client had no idea what to do next.

  • You partnered with an SEO expert only to discover they didn’t actually deliver any value.

In this course, I’ll show you how to overcome these challenges by offering SEO services that follow a tried and true process. This process delivers results for your customer’s business and yours!

You Will Learn

  • How to create SEO service packages.

  • How to price your packages based on your value, not just your time.

  • How to deliver SEO services following a standard process.

You’ll Also Get Access To

  • Packaging Worksheet

  • Pricing Worksheet

  • Sample SEO Proposal Template


Course Curriculum

  • Module 1

    Introduction: Why Offer SEO Services

  • Module 2

    4 Pillars of SEO : A Framework to Anchor Your Services

  • Module 3

    Packaging: How to Create a Service Offering

  • Module 4

    Pricing: How to Price Your Services

  • Module 5

    Pitching: How to Sell SEO

  • Module 6

    Process: How to Deliver SEO Services

Lindsay Halsey

I’m Lindsay Halsey

Hi! I’m Lindsay Halsey. For the past ten years, I’ve specialized in search engine optimization services for small to large businesses. As the co-owner of an SEO agency, I’ve worked on SEO projects for hundreds of businesses. Along the way, I found that the partner best suited to offer SEO services is you, the web designer/developer.

  • You already know your customer’s business.

  • You already know your customer’s audience.

  • You already know your customer’s website.

  • You already are offering SEO services. You just aren't getting paid for them.

Today, I teach freelancers and agencies how to offer SEO services. You’ll solve your customer’s challenge (getting found on Google) while growing your recurring revenue!

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