Rank Tracking

Monitor your keyword rankings and track your progress over time.

At Pathfinder SEO, rank tracking is built into our guided solution


Every few months, a new SEO tool appears on the scene. Another monthly fee to give you tools very similar to the ones you’ve already got. Each “new” tool gives you a few of the same tools everyone else offers. Rank tracking is one of the commonly included tools.

Here’s how Pathfinder approaches Rank Tracking differently. We include Rank Tracking with our solution instead of charging you additionally for one more recommended tool. It’s built-in so that you don’t have to add another tool, upload or download data, or integrate that data with other parts of your toolset.

We’ve made things really easy and straightforward so that it’s both doable and effective.

How our Keyword Rank Tracking Works

keyword rankings

Add keywords to your tracking list.

We track your website’s position on both Google and Bing.

You see the data in Pathfinder or via your monthly reports.

It really is that simple.

Rank Tracking

  • Customize your results by location.

  • Focus on your most important keywords.

  • Track as few or as many keywords as you’d like.

  • Check the major search engines.

We've Worked with People Just Like You


"Before using Pathfinder, SEO was a daunting task — as much as I tried, I just didn’t see results. Working with Pathfinder helped me clarify my goals, create an easy-to-follow path to success, and learn how to most efficiently and effectively use SEO to strengthen my business and reach the right type of client for my practice."


Our SEO Toolset

Our complete SEO toolset delivers a simple yet powerful solution for everyday users who’re able to invest an hour or two weekly to drive their website’s growth. Whether site owners are motivated by pageviews, lead generation, or revenue growth, our SEO software provides a toolset that makes customers’ lives easier.

That toolset includes Rank Tracking. Paired with Keyword Research and Monthly Reporting, it becomes incredibly easy for non-technical non-experts to make dramatic improvements to their websites and see results.

While individual tools can lead to some gains, these tools are best used as part of a comprehensive, strategic SEO process (including an SEO Checklist, Ongoing SEO, and Coaching). These additional, complementary components create assistance and accountability.


And there’s never been a better time to sign up.

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