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SEO Set-Up

We build your client’s SEO foundation for you.

seo set up

What if you could skip keyword research, content strategy, on-site SEO, and setting up Google Analytics 4 for your customers? With the white labeled SEO Set-Up, our coaches build the SEO foundation for your clients. You cut your monthly SEO efforts in half.

What's Included

  • Google Analytics — Creating a GA4 property, implementing the code on your client's website, and customizing the property to include conversion tracking.
  • Keyword Research — Identifying the words and phrases the client’s audiences utilize to find your client's product or services.
  • Technical SEO — Improving the crawlability of the website by updating the robots.txt, customizing the XML sitemap, and managing 301 redirects.
  • Content — Identifying areas of opportunity and creating a content strategy. Updating the homepage content for improved keyword usage.
  • On-Site SEO — Creating custom page titles and meta descriptions for top-level pages. Reviewing headers and proposing updates. Implementation of the updates with client approval.
  • Off-Site SEO — Optimizing the Google Maps listing. Creating the off-site SEO strategy.
  • Monthly SEO — Customizing the ongoing SEO plan based on the progress made in the SEO Set-Up and what has been sold for ongoing SEO.
  • Results — Summarizing the initial results so you can share the progress made with the client.

What's Needed

  • Completion of an onboarding form so we can get to know your client and their goals.
  • Access to Google Analytics and the Google Search Console.
  • Access to the website (ideally).


SEO Set-Up for Local Businesses

$1,500, one-time

  • For websites that target a specific geographic area.

SEO Set-Up for National Businesses

$3,000, one-time

  • For websites that target a national or international audience.

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