Agency Sales Framework — Close More Higher Value Deals Faster & Easier

with Clifford Almeida

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Whether you’re getting dozens of leads a month or desperately need more of them doesn’t matter. You need to be able to show all of your leads that your company is the one they should be working with.

I’m documenting my sales framework so you can leverage it to close higher-value deals. I’ve used it to close millions of dollars in revenue for our agency.



You'll learn

  • How to quickly establish your authority

  • How to build trust and demonstrate your expertise

  • How to deliver value and show them you are the expert they need

  • An agenda/outline for the call

  • What questions to ask

  • How to use My Web Audit in the sales process

  • How to position next steps (discovery)

About the Speaker


Growing Companies Is What I Love To Do! In my 20+ years in the web and digital marketing space, I have created, planned, and help implement websites and digital marketing strategies for companies of varying sizes and industries across the globe.

I’m the CEO of, a web agency with a portfolio ranging from small businesses and nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies. I am also the founder of, a SAAS that helps web professionals and digital marketers like you all generate and close more deals using actionable website audits.

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Close More Higher Value Deals Faster & Easier
with Clifford Almeida

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