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Elements of an Effective Contract

with Nathan Ingram


with Nathan Ingram

Elements of an Effective Contract


If your client becomes a monster, how confident are you in your contract?

After hundreds of coaching conversations with web developers around the world, I’ve discovered that most don’t have a reliable contract if they have one at all. In this talk, Nathan will explain the essentials that a solid contract should cover.


  • WHY

    Why you need a reliable contract.


    The role a contract plays in your business, and how it differs from your proposal.


    The essential subjects your contract should cover.

About the Speaker


Nathan Ingram is a Growth Coach for WordPress Business owners individually and in groups, helping them become more successful in their businesses.

He is also the creator of MonsterContracts, a service that provides contracts for WordPress client work that are battle tested, attorney analyzed, annually audited, and member strengthened.

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Nathan has been working with clients to build websites since 1995 and is also the Host at iThemes Training where he teaches WordPress and business development topics via live webinar.

Learn more about Nathan and his coaching services.

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Elements of an Effective Contract
with Nathan Ingram

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