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How to Offer Google Ads Services

with Lori Calcott


with Lori Calcott

Grow Your Business by Offering Google Ads Services


Are you looking to grow your freelance or agency business? Google Ads services are a complement to web design, development, SEO, and email marketing.

In this short training, you’ll learn the basics of how to package, pitch, and apply process to Google Ads services for small businesses.



  • An Introduction

    What are Google Ads? Why is Google Ads a good marketing solution for my clients? Why should I offer Google Ads services?

  • Packaging Google Ads Services

    Google Ads services are a great way to grow your recurring revenue as they need to be set up and then management monthly. Learn more about packaging.

  • Pricing Models

    Learn a pricing model for your Google Ads services designed to balance management and ad spend.

  • Process

    Learn how to deliver Google Ads services starting. It’s easy. You’ll need Google Ads, Google Analytics, and a reporting tool such as Google Data Studio.

About the Speaker


Originally from Pittsburgh, Lori has been working in search engine marketing since 2001. Lori is the published author of The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords and is a leader in the paid search field. When not at work, Lori spends time with her family and can often be found hiking and skiing the Highland Bowl.

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with Lori Calcott

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