Getting Started With Google Search Console

with Erik Wardell


with Erik Wardell

Leverage the Power of the Google Search Console & Improve Your SEO


Google Search Console (GSC) is a powerful SEO tool. And best of all, it’s FREE! Learn how to turn GSC data into insights and insights into action.



You'll learn

  • Verify Your Site with Google Search Console

    Get up and running with the Google Search Console by following Google’s simple verification process.

  • Learn What Keywords Are Driving Traffic

    The Performance data in Google Search Console gives insight into what keywords and pages are driving organic traffic. Build on this existing foundation as you get started with SEO.

  • Introduction into Technical SEO

    Can the search engines crawl and index your webpages? Are they hitting any roadblocks? The Coverage report answers these questions and more.

  • Is your website Speedy?

    Google cares about site speed and performance. Why? Because website visitors do. Get a preview into how your site measures against Google’s Core Web Vitals.

About the Speaker


Erik is an SEO coach at Pathfinder SEO. He loves breaking down complex SEO topics into understandable instructions anyone can follow. He thrives on helping people do what it takes to see their businesses succeed in search. Stay in touch on Twitter — @wanderinwardell.

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Get Started with the Google Search Console & Grow Your Business
with Erik Wardell

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