How to Manage Your Money to Grow Your Business

with Nev Harris


with Nev Harris

STOP wandering dollar syndrome. GROW your agency.


You’ve been there it’s the end of the month, quarter, year. You know, you’ve worked hard, you have the emotional scars to prove it. You also know you’ve made all sorts of sales…good sales…big sales. But you just don’t seem to have any money in your bank account to be able to invest in the things, the people, the tools, the ideas to take your business to that next level.

This is because your agency has fallen victim to Wandering Dollar Syndrome®

WDS can be stopped cold by giving every dollar a job. Now properly directed our dollars are working for us instead of against us. So how do you give your money a job? The best way is through a budget.

Annnnddddd I’ve just heard the collective moan of everybody reading this. You’re thinking Whoa Nev!! budget are so restrictive! I started up my agency because I don’t want people telling me what to do. Now I got to make a spreadsheet that is going to constantly tell me NO, you can’t do that!

Trust me I might know finance but I HATE being told what to do too! The mere thought of filling out a complicated, soul-crushing budget that NO ONE including me can ever follow is enough for me to make Big Gulp sized Old Fashion to forget about the trauma of failed attempts keeping to budget. I hear your pain loud and clear on this. And that’s why I created the aptly named Freedom Budget®. It allows you to spend your money anywhere you want, whenever you want, on whatever you want.

Templates included for easily implementing what you learned!



  • Afford that next hire, new software, or to invest in that new idea

  • Achieve your goals faster and more consistently

  • Stop your business growth from being choked by lack of money

  • Keep more of the money you make

About the Speaker


Hey! I’m Nev!

I show agency owners where the profit is hiding in their business.

I went Pitt and Duquesne, and earned an economics degree and an MBA in Finance. I’ve owned an agency the last 7 years but have always been an entrepreneur. My down to earth take on finance for the agency world has been featured in numerous national media outlets. You can say I’m the guy they call when they want to talk money without putting the audience to sleep.

Money talk doesn’t need to be scary. Or boring. Or something you do behind closed doors with an accountant who appears to be speaking another language.

It is the key to unlocking the profit trapped in your business and lowering your stress around cash flow and expenses.

I’m shockingly single with no kids. I do have a dog, Romeo but my ex-gf took him saying something like it was her dog because she bought him three years before we met. Romeo and I disagree but she seems one hell of a lot bigger than 5 foot when she is explaining this so our love goes unrequited.

Visit my website at to learn more.

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How to Manage Your Money to Grow Your Business
with Nev Harris

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