Profitable Pricing

with Jennifer Bourn


with Jennifer Bourn

Finally Get Your Pricing Right So You Can Pay Your Expenses, Pay Yourself, And Invest Profit Back Into Your Business


You’ve probably had other people tell you that you’re not charging enough for the quality of work you deliver. You’re most likely also frustrated by freelancers less skilled and less talented than you flaunting their six-figure businesses all over social media. You may even know deep down that you’re undercharging because you’re working your tail off and still not earning the income you deserve and desire.

A successful business earns enough revenue to pay its expenses, pay its team (you), and earn a profit — and no, your income isn’t business profit. Discover your minimum viable hourly rate, learn how to properly price your services and packages for profit, and how an internal rate card makes drafting proposals faster and easier.



You'll learn

  • Knowing EXACTLY what your minimum viable hourly rate is

  • Uncovering the benefits of having an internal rate card

  • Figuring out how to package your services for profit

  • Understanding how to track your actual effective hourly rate

  • Finally discovering how to get paid for all of the work you do!

About the Speaker


Jennifer Bourn helps small businesses build brands, create content, and grow profitable online platforms — and she’s translated her experience into popular workshop-style conferences like Content Camp and business training and mentorship programs like Profitable Project Plan.

With 23 years of experience as a graphic designer, 16 as a web designer/creative agency owner, 12 as a blogger, and 5 as a course creator and content designer, Jennifer Bourn is known just as much for her business systems and client management strategies as she is for her road trips and vacations, daily workouts, and waffles.

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Profitable Pricing
with Jennifer Bourn

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