Kickstart Your Sales Skills to Win More Clients

with Liston Witherill of Serve Don't Sell


with Liston Witherill of Serve Don't Sell

Compelling Selling: 4 Proven Sales Skills Every SEO Needs


Are you looking to rapidly increase your sales skills, but don’t want to trade your ethics or client goodwill in the process?

In this short training, you’ll learn the closing skills that every business owner, consultant, or freelancer needs to master.

This short training will help you sell more SEO services by:



You'll learn

  • Setting Agendas and Next Steps

    Keep your clients informed and drive the sales process forward from the first conversation to close.

  • Asking Probing Questions

    Let your client tell you what’s motivating them, the pain they’re experiencing, and how they want things to be different.

  • Knowing Your Value

    Understand the impact your SEO services will have so that your clients know exactly what you’re worth, and pay it!

  • Storytelling

    Telling stories is the fastest path to helping your client understand what you can do for them, and the impact you’ll have – it’s a critical skill!

About the Speaker


Liston Witherill is a sales trainer, speaker, author, and podcaster who helps consultants and agencies sell more services. Liston’s work is based on psychology, behavioral economics, and his own sales experience. His mantra and the name of his company is Serve Don’t Sell, and he believes selling should be an ethical, win-win arrangement 100% of the time. Liston runs an online program, consults with clients, and also hosts the top-rated Modern Sales podcast.

Prior to creating his training business, Liston was the owner of a boutique marketing firm, and ran business development and marketing for a $12M consulting firm. He podcasts 3x a week, and runs 3 times a week, and lives with his beautiful wife, cat, and dog in Portland, OR.

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Kickstart Your Sales Skills to Win More Clients
with Liston Witherill of Serve Don't Sell

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