Mastering SEO Assessments

with Lindsay Halsey


with Lindsay Halsey

SEO Assessments


An SEO Assessment is not an audit. It doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. And it doesn’t take months to complete.

Instead, an SEO Assessment a review from 1,000 feet up. It identifies where a website is today in the search results and creates a roadmap for growth.

In this free training, Lindsay Halsey teach you how to master SEO Assessments. This service is a great on-ramp for your customers who are just getting started with SEO.

Bonus! You’ll get access to a fully-customizable SEO Assessment template.





You'll learn

  • Why

    Why an SEO Assessment is a valuable starting point for those customer’s just getting started with SEO.

  • What

    What to include in an SEO Assessment and how to structure the project using a framework.

  • Pricing

    How to price SEO Assessments and sell them to your customers.

  • Delivery

    How to deliver the service following a standard process.

About the Speaker


Lindsay Halsey is a co-founder of Pathfinder SEO. She has over 10 years of experience working in SEO with small to large businesses. Lindsay focuses on teaching site owners, freelancers, and agencies how to get found on Google via a guided approach to SEO. Stay in touch on Twitter – @linds_halsey.

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