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SEO Can Be Challenging

It is ever-evolving, complex, and expensive. But, the problem isn't Google changing the rules of the game. The challenge is that the current solutions lack a middle ground.

Most businesses try one of two approaches to get found online - hire an agency or do-it-yourself.

Agencies do a great job delivering automated reports and assessments and charging you monthly. But, they lack clear deliverables and more importantly results. When hiring an agency, you may invest in SEO for months to years without growing your business.

On the other hand, a do-it-yourself approach relies on SEO software that is overly complicated. The data is rich, but the insights are lacking. And even more importantly, SEO software lacks a step by step process.

A New Approach to SEO Starts Here

Guided SEO is education and process-based. It gives you a process without asking you to become an expert in SEO. It offers a series of lessons with specific homework assignments so that you can start to get your site ranking in just a few hours a week. It also adds SEO coaching to keep you accountable and answer all your critical questions.

Built by seasoned SEO professionals, Pathfinder SEO distills decades of experience into tools and task that get results.

By including you in the SEO process, Guided SEO cuts down the cost of hiring experts to do the work for you. While expert lessons and accountability eliminate the wasted time you'd spend trying to figure things out on your own.

Guided SEO is for

Site Owners

Business owners and marketers who invest in their own SEO excel by following our process and collaborating with our coaches. Start Here


Where Here for You
SEO Software the Way it Should Be


Guided SEO gives you a proven process without requiring you to become an SEO expert.

It offers a series of lessons — each with specific homework assignments — so that you can grow your website traffic in just a few hours a week. It’s both practical and tactical. Learn more.

SEO Checklist

Start with our 12-step process which includes video tutorials and step-by-step directions.

Ongoing SEO

Ensure your web presence evolves. Invest a few hours a month into ongoing SEO.


"There are tons of SEO resources that are like sipping from a firehose. In the end, you feel overwhelmed. Pathfinder SEO is the opposite. You don’t even realize how much you’re learning as they take you step by step on your journey."

Chris Lema

Liquid Web

Don’t go it alone

Your dedicated SEO coach is along as your guide.

Meet with your coach monthly to ensure you are on the right path. Get feedback tailored to your unique business.

Coaching Corner

All subscriptions include a monthly one-on-one session with your personal coach.


Contact us with questions along the way via email. We offer best in class support.

River's Edge Cottages

“I knew my site badly needed SEO, but rather than hire it out I wanted to learn and apply it myself. I felt Pathfinder SEO offered that opportunity. As I plunged in with Erik at Pathfinder, I not only learned but got results early on. Erik's coaching was clear and insightful, and he helped me with a number of issues I
didn't even know we had! I received much more than my money's worth, and I highly recommend Pathfinder SEO. What I've gained will aid me well into the future.”

Tim Knapp

River's Edge Cottages

Stop Spending Money on Software

All of the SEO tools you need under one roof.

No additional SEO software needed. Our integrated tools are simple and actionable


"I've worked with Pathfinder SEO for a little over four months and have seen great results. It is easy to use, navigable and quick to get started. You'll see more visitors to your website and you'll take your business to the next level."

Sydney Schalit

Footsteps Marketing

Field Guide SEO

An approachable and actionable guide to SEO for beginners to experts.

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A Better Approach to SEO Starts Here


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We will review your website, score it based on the four pillars of SEO, and let you know how well optimized it is for search engines.

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Get a Free SEO Score 

We will review your website, score it based on the four pillars of SEO, and let you know how well optimized it is for search engines. All for free. Please submit your information below to take advantage of this offer.

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