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Increase Your Digital Agency’s Recurring Revenue

Start, grow, and scale your SEO services offering without feeling overwhelmed.

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How often do your clients ask you about SEO?

If they ask, what do you say?

If you are like most web designers, your SEO services are limited to installing a plugin and basic SEO configuration. SEO services aren’t a core offering.

At the same time, you may be looking for ways to increase your recurring revenue. It’s exhausting to rely on one-time projects.

So, how can you solve your clients’ challenge of increasing traffic from Google while increasing your agency’s revenue? Growing an SEO services offering is the solution.

Pathfinder SEO gives you the system, tools, and training to add SEO services to your agency.

Welcome to Pathfinder SEO

With Pathfinder SEO, You Can...

Increase recurring revenue.

SEO is most effective when delivered as a monthly service. This means predictable and stable ongoing revenue for your agency.

Close more sales.

These days, prospects want an all-in-one package. Agencies that offer integrated SEO services close more lucrative deals.

Get closer to your clients.

SEO requires collaboration and communication. Your agency will naturally build partnerships with clients, which lowers attrition.

Empower junior teammates.

Increase your revenue per employee by giving junior team members the training and resources to deliver SEO services.

Used by Web Professionals Just Like You

New Agencies

We help those starting a digital agency land their first paying SEO customer.

Transitioning from teacher to web career has been so scary. With Pathfinder SEO, I have finally found the step-by-step support that I need to deliver new value to the world!

-Kate Cross
Kate Cross Web Design

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Web Freelancers
Established Agencies

Everything You Need to Offer SEO Services

More than just software, Pathfinder SEO is a business system.

Agency Resources

Jumpstart your SEO services offering with our worksheets and templates. Built on years of industry experience, you’ll have everything you need to package, price, market, and sell SEO services.

Process & Task Accountability

A step-by-step system to deliver SEO services complete with video-based lessons. Mark tasks complete as you go and track your agency’s progress on each of your client’s campaigns.

Learn with Training & Community

Weekly office hours and workshops to get your questions answered, grow your skills, and ensure your agency is current on SEO best practices.

Integrated SEO Tools

Built-in keyword research and rank tracking tools to save you money on other SEO software subscriptions.

Automate Your Monthly Reporting

Pathfinder integrates with Google Analytics so you don’t have to become a GA4 expert. Save time in the delivery of your services with our white-labeled monthly reports.

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