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SEO can be challenging. It’s complex, ever-changing, and expensive. And, you may not want to become an SEO expert to get found on Google.

With guided SEO, we change all of that. Guided SEO distills decades of experience into tools and tasks that get results at a fraction of the effort and expense.

Guided SEO is for

Site Owners

Business owners and marketers who invest in their own SEO excel by following our process and collaborating with our coaches. Grow Your Business

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Take a Step-by-Step Approach

SEO Checklist

Guided SEO gives you a proven process without requiring you to become an SEO expert.

It offers a series of lessons — each with specific homework assignments — so that you can grow your website traffic in just a few hours a week. It’s both practical and tactical.

SEO Checklist

Build your SEO foundation with our 12-step, easy-to-follow process.

Ongoing SEO

Maintain, evolve, and grow traffic. Invest a few hours a month into ongoing SEO.


"There are tons of SEO resources that are like sipping from a firehose. In the end, you feel overwhelmed. Pathfinder SEO is the opposite. You don’t even realize how much you’re learning as they take you step by step on your journey."

Chris Lema

Liquid Web

Don’t go it alone

Your dedicated SEO coach is along as your guide.

Meet with your coach monthly to ensure you are on the right path. Get feedback tailored to your unique business.

SEO Coaching

All subscriptions include monthly one-on-one sessions.


Contact us with questions. We offer best-in-class support.


“I am thankful for the incredible personalized coaching and instructional videos with actionable steps to create change. I am now able to focus my attention on what is most important and what I love, which is working directly with my clients.”


New Directions Colorado
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Stop Spending Money on Software

Pathfinder features all of the SEO tools you need under one roof. Our integrated toolset is simple and actionable.

lisa garner

"This team is worth 10x what I paid and I look forward to continuing my training and business growth with them. Wish I could give them a 10+ rating."

Lisa Garner

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A Better Approach to SEO Starts Here

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