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Mastering the Client Consultation

with Nathan Ingram


with Nathan Ingram

Mastering the Client Consultation


Has a client ever wasted your time in a consulting session? Ever had a one-hour consultation turned into 3? Have you experienced the sinking feeling that comes when you leave the consultation and realize you failed to ask a key question? This talk provides answers to these issues and more. Attendees will leave with a clear, memorable outline to manage the client consultation.



    Why you need a strategy for the initial client meeting.


    The purpose of the initial client meeting: what it is and isn’t.

  • PLAN

    A memorable outline to manage client consultations.

About the Speaker


Nathan Ingram is a Growth Coach for WordPress Business owners individually and in groups, helping them become more successful in their businesses.

He is also the creator of MonsterContracts, a service that provides contracts for WordPress client work that are battle tested, attorney analyzed, annually audited, and member strengthened.

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Nathan has been working with clients to build websites since 1995 and is also the Host at iThemes Training where he teaches WordPress and business development topics via live webinar.

Learn more about Nathan and his coaching services.

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Master the Client Consultation
with Nathan Ingram

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