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Internal Links

Understanding Internal Links

Every now and then we'll meet with someone who is so caught up in creating external links that they totally neglect to create an internal link network. Although they probably…

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SEO Copywriting Tips: Write for People, Not Search Engines

SEO copywriting is about writing for people who use search engines, not writing for search engines. Learn more.

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how to use keywords for seo

How To Use Keywords for SEO

The most common questions our SEO coaches get are “How do I put keywords on my website?” and “How do I use keywords for SEO?“ After reading this guide, you'll…

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Content Cleanup — Remove Low-Quality Content for SEO

A content clean up is a great way to future-proof your site and make it less susceptible to the volatility that comes with algorithm updates. Learn why and how.

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Authority on stage

Link Building – Grow Your Website's Authority

You created a great website! It’s user-friendly, content-rich, and lightning-fast. Why can’t you find it on Google? It might be its lack of authority!

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Google Review with Stars

How to Respond to Google Reviews

Customer feedback — both the good and the bad — is a great opportunity to grow your business by fostering trust. Learn how to respond to Google Reviews with our helpful, step by step guide.

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SEO vs. SEM: What’s the Difference?

If you are new to the world of digital marketing, wrapping your head around all the terminology and jargon can be overwhelming. Not only are there a lot of acronyms, there is often little explanation or differentiation. In this article we are going to focus on two terms you probably hear a lot, SEO and SEM.

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send a monthly seo report

Delivering SEO Monthly Reports to Clients

As a freelancer or agency offering SEO services to your customers, you strive to provide ongoing value. Learn how to send your customers an insightful monthly report that’s easy to understand.

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google search console

Google Search Console Tutorial — An Introduction for 2021

Google Search Console is the most powerful FREE SEO tool available to anyone today. This tutorial will show you how you can jump in and start using it.

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How to Add Page Titles and Meta Descriptions in WordPress

Improve your SEO by learning how to use an SEO plugin like Yoast to add page titles and meta descriptions to your WordPress website.

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SEO glossary

SEO Glossary: 72 SEO Terms [2021]

Like other specialized industries, search engine optimization has its own set of terms, abbreviations, and industry jargon. Here, we decode 72 common SEO terms using everyday language. Our goal is to set aside the complex jargon to make SEO more accessible and actionable.

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Communicating with your Customers in Times of Uncertainty

We’ve always said that communication is the backbone of high-value SEO services. In ever-changing and uncertain times, this is the case more than ever. Learn how to communicate with your clients about SEO strategy in today’s climate.

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delivering value

Delivering Value in Your SEO Services

If you are a freelancer or digital agency considering adding SEO to your services, you may wonder how you’ll deliver enough value to your clients. There are three main ways to create value — communication, reporting, and action items.

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SEO results

How Long Does It Take to See Results from SEO?

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. But how long does it take to see results? Good news — your initial results are just weeks away. As you continue your SEO efforts in the weeks and months ahead, your measurable results will compound.

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How to Link Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Learn how to connect the Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Enhance your SEO oriented data in Google Analytics and gain valuable insights.

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